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What Did We Do Before A/C?

The dog days of summer get Larry wondering how we got by before air conditioning. Then Larry recalls an interesting conversation he had with Val Kilmer on the set of “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.” Then he discusses the movie “Tombstone” and recites the poem “On Dreaming” by John Newton.

Quote of the week: “This joke is one year younger than God.”

One Response to What Did We Do Before A/C?

  1. Chris July 30, 2017 at 2:28 am #

    We were skinnier & smellier before A/C Larry. Ppl actually had to go outside to cool off & talk to neighbors…go to the lakes, use fans. I lived in a house with no AC & it wasnt a big deal…fans were used. How about in the south in summer with no A/C?

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