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There Is No New In “News”

Larry is baffled by the Iowa caucuses and the news coverage around them. Then, he owns up to having spent $100 on a bottle of wine. Was it worth it? Tune in to find out! And find out what the Rabbi said in Hawaii, what makes a mad day at black rock and hear the poem “Bury Me In A Free Land” by Frances Harper.

Quote of the Week: “They get a hurricane about every 40 minutes and it kills everyone.”

Producer: Colonel Jeff Fox

One Response to There Is No New In “News”

  1. Chris January 26, 2017 at 6:23 am #

    Only left coast ppl question the Iowa caususes. Its simple…the farmers & laborers decided that elites in cal & ny werent going to dictate to the rest of society on which commie dictator was going yo rule over them. Dont forget Larry, if it wasnt for Iowa voting for Barrack Hussein Obama over Hillary in 2007, he would not have gained enough traction to win out & be your king for 8 long years.

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