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BBQ, Baseball & BBQ!

Larry sings the worthy praises of BBQ, BBQ, BBQ and playoff baseball. And Larry recites an eerie rhyme from Shakespeare, even though he doesn’t like Halloween. On Magic Movie Moment, Larry talks about the surprisingly non-BBQ related Adam’s Rib. Quote of the week: “Pick it up with your hands, like a caveman.” Producer: Colonel Jeff […]

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Nick Nolte Beats Larry With Book

Larry recounts his first movie role, where he got beaten to a pulp by Nick Nolte — and loved it. He also discusses who was a cooler, Frank Bullitt or Harry Callahan! Then Larry confesses his love of camera girls on the set of movies. For the first day of October, Larry recites “When The […]

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Larry Miller Goes Indie! (Rebroadcast)

Oops! Larry got hired to act in the new Garry Marshall movie and had to amscray off of Milleronia! So, we’re bringing you a rebroadcast of our first indie episode! Larry has taken his podcast independent! This is the first episode recorded at his secret lair inside an extinct volcano on The Island of Milleronia. […]

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