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A Run-In With Keith Richards

Larry gets murdered (on screen) and meets a rock icon all in one episode! Show Summary Hear Larry describe running into Keith Richards in an airport, after eyeballing his wife. Is Keith Richards the coolest guy ever? Possibly, but you’ll have to listen to find out for sure. Then Larry talks about his role in […]

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Three Lessons In Marriage From Larry

Always answer quickly when it’s right. Never answer quickly when it’s wrong. Always be willing to fold a winning hand. These 3 lessons are Larry’s gift to you! (Details and amusing anecdotes follow, of course.) We hear about how Larry and his sister used to cook breakfast for their mom on Mother’s Day. And speaking […]

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Booze Yoga For Beginners

Booze Yoga For Beginners

Hear about Larry’s dad making verbal and physical contortions in order to pooch a little extra scotch each night. OK, more like pooch a lotta extra scotch each night. Larry also talks about his childhood job — pouring his dad’s beer — and how he managed to make his dad “dad mad.” Show Summary Then […]

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On Disco, Dickens and Dick York

Studio 54 and Larry Miller are practically synonymous. Or, wait, what’s the other one? Oh, yes, antonymous. That’s the one. Nevertheless, Larry not only spent time at Studio 54, but he worked there. This week, he regales us with tales from the “Disco Larry” era. Show Summary Hear stories about Halloween at Studio 54. Halloween […]

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Larry Meets Frank Sinatra

Hear about Frank Sinatra springing an amazing one-liner on Larry in this very special VEGAS special! NOT live from the Riviera hotel! Show Summary Does the show travel to Vegas? No, but Larry just got back from there, so stories about Sin City abound. Included are Larry’s time spent opening for Frank Sinatra and basking […]

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Cracking Spines and Cracking Up

Cracking Spines and Cracking Up

More tales of uncontrollable laughter. This time, Larry’s chiropractor gets fits of giggles while discussing deadly diseases. Then Larry talks about some REALLY unwelcome laughs that came while he was performing onstage. He tells about turning to fellow actor Len Cariou for help and gets nothing. Also, Larry strikes an uneasy truce with other parents […]

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This episode

Larry’s Biggest Laugh Ever

Hear the tale of the biggest, longest and deepest laugh Larry’s ever had in his life. And it was when he was a kid, so he’s had a long time to top it. Show Summary Larry’s good at drinking and good at packing, but not at packing while drunk. Then we hear about Larry’s weekend […]

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Broken Toilets, Broken Hearts

Is it dangerous to refill water bottles? It is when you’re doing it in lieu of tending to an emergency in your loo. The classics all start with a story about an overflowing toilet — The Great Gatsby, Catcher in The Rye, Beowulf, the Fabio autobiography. And now this episode of This Week With Larry […]

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No, They Were Very Cold

No, They Were Very Cold

Larry reconsiders his position on Indian casinos after tossing back a few drinks with the chief of a tribe. What do the Crimean War, Pinewood Studios and Larry have in common? If you guessed, “beer,” then reward yourself with, well, a beer. And hear about the fine line between being hypocritical and inconsistent. Show Summary […]

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Eating Charlie Sheen For Lunch

If Larry was a hot dog, what would he be? You’ve heard Larry obsess over pies, booze, soap and pretzels. Could hot dogs be far behind? No. Show Summary Larry talks about eating a hot dog named after Charlie Sheen. He compares and contrasts his hot dog stand dining experience with that of a big-ticket […]

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