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Top Secret Episode! (Rebroadcast)

Larry goes on vacation this week, so we have a rebroadcast of a classic. We smuggle another episode out of Larry’s secret evil guy lair! Larry talks about how writing is the hardest thing ever and we try to come up with a “break a leg” expression for writers. We are unsuccessful because that is […]

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NY Pizza Vs. Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

On this food-oriented episode, Larry he weighs in on the NY thin slice vs. Chicago deep dish debate! Plus, he discusses if he wants the whole enchilada, or maybe a cheese brumfada on the side. And we ponder salisbury steaks and TV dinner. On Magic Movie Moment, Larry covers the great “Cincinnati Kid” with Steve […]

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Farewell To Yvonne Craig!

Larry bids a fond farewell to Yvonne Craig, the lovely and talented actress best-known as Batgirl and Marta the green alien on Star Trek. Plus, we bid you a happy Waffle Day and also hear some touching stories about Larry’s mother. Jumping Jehosephat! Listen to this episode already? Quote of the week: “The big King […]

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