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Daylight Raving Time! (Rebroadcast)

Colonel Jeff got green around the gills on the helicopter ride to Milleronia and couldn’t record the show. So, we’re pulling an episode from the classic vault under volcano #3! Larry expresses his love of daylight saving time. Then we hear why Larry stopped talking malaria medicine in India, Larry recites “Ode on Solitude” by […]

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A Shouting Family Thanksgiving

Larry tells hilarious stories about his “shouting family” Thanksgivings from his childhood. Larry eats a whole tray full of pickles, wrestles with cousin Craig and lives to tell about it. And hear about Uncle Harry, the dancing plumber. Happy Thanksgiving from everyone on Milleronia! Quote of the week: “He’s always doing the Colonel Jeff Shuffle.” […]

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Frozen Larry & Frozen Turkeys

Larry is excited about the so-called California temperatures, as well as the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday! He talks about the history of the expression “red tape” and why there is so much of it. And he discusses John Wayne’s great first turn in the movie “Stagecoach.” Then Larry recites “Sonnet 54” by Edmund Spenser. Quote of […]

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