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The Five Levels of Drinking Redux

Larry performs one of his signature comedy routines, “The Five Levels of Drinking.” This is the first time Larry has ever done this bit NOT in front of a live audience! He then urges caution on the rules for a proposed Larry Miller drinking game. By the way… Later, Larry placates the stateside listeners who […]

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Larry Miller and Other Lunatics of the World

Politicians are the serious maniacs in our society, so says Larry. He then gives advice on how a gillionaire can easily win an election. He also talks about when his parents asked him what he wanted to do with his life. Amazingly, nobody fainted, dropped dead, took a swing at him or did a spit-take […]

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Love Me Like A Viking

Larry admits becoming a starstruck boob in front of Val Kilmer and Dennis Farina. He expresses his love of “phony leather” but wonders if vegetables are people, too. In this episode — learn how the right pen can turn your life around. Hear about how Larry’s kind offer to share a free sandwich was rebuffed. […]

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Drive By Eggings

Larry’s crackpot theories include why we should start making ’57 Chevys again, why a dog can make your wife happy and the miraculous effects of going to bed sober. Tales of massive candy binges and drive by eggings make Larry nostalgic for his childhood and make him wonder when he stopped liking Halloween. Larry also […]

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Dawg Bites Drunk Mann

Why is the metric system tearing our society apart? When did ‘pudding’ become ‘mousse’? And what’s a guy gotta do to get a half gallon of whiskey? All these questions and more are answered in this episode of This Week With Larry Miller. Larry also reads some letters from far-flung listeners, and works on organizing […]

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Too Much Booze and The Mile High Club

Congratulations, Dr. IQ, you’ve found the latest episode of This Week With Larry Miller! Hear about Larry’s less-than-successful attempt to join the mile high club and other tales of booze-infused good intentions gone wrong. This week’s additions to the Larry lexicon are, “a quick one,” “a slow five” and “have congress.”

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Hey Fatso!

Memories of drunken fights at ballparks, the sound of fists hitting flesh and the sound of beer cans hitting golf carts make Larry weepy for the simpler days of yesteryear. Pictured above: Larry is ready for some football.

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