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There Is No New In News

Larry is baffled by the Iowa caucuses and the news coverage around them. Then, he owns up to having spent $100 on a bottle of wine. Was it worth it? Tune in to find out! And find out what the Rabbi said in Hawaii, what makes a mad day at black rock and hear the […]

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Stupor Bowl Showdown!

Larry debates whether or not he’d go to the Super Bowl and ponders the baffling Super Bowl half-time show. On Magic Movie Moment, Larry talks about the great football epic “Horse Feathers.” Quote of the week: “I tried asking for more time, but the red said ‘no.’” Producer: Colonel Jeff Fox

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How To (Not) Win The Lottery

Larry’s not a big lottery ticket getter, but he got in on the big Powerball! And we hear a funny story about talking his Dad into buying a ticket. And Larry’s wife’s plans for a relaxing weekend at the beach come slightly unhinged and not even Larry’s fancy Hugh Hefner pajamas can fix it. […]

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