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I Love A Buffet And Other Life Lessons

Buffet, as a concept, is the one thing that ties all Americans together, so says Larry. Also hear how Larry taught his son a valuable life lesson with his favorite instructional tool — a pie. (Who are we kidding? Larry’s favorite everything is a pie.) Larry talks about the lengths he’d go to in order […]

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Larry's Five Soap Bar Parlay!

Larry’s Five Soap Bar Parlay!

Hear the most erudite vomiting analogy ever. And learn the tale behind the enigmatic expression “Chicken Larry.” On this week’s show, Larry unabashedly professes his love for being in a marching band. He also discusses more about being “Dad cheap.” Find out what personal hygiene item in Larry’s home most resembles an Aztec pyramid. Fortune […]

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The Greatest Story Larry’s Ever Heard

Hear Larry’s Uncle Harry’s bizarre, face to face confrontation with a Japanese soldier at the close of World War II. Larry opens the show by admitting he doesn’t know how to dress properly for weather and is at fault for his own sleepiness. Hear about Larry’s “office on Venus” and how it made him sleepy […]

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