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Fuller Brush Man Calling!

Why hasn’t street sweeping changed in 80 years? And are Fuller Brush men extinct now? On Poetry Corner, Larry recites the great poem “Hard Luck” by Edgar Albert Guest. And we hear about the movie “How The West Was Won.”

Quote of the week: “Lots of love and action. Like your house, and mine.”

One Response to Fuller Brush Man Calling!

  1. Mike lucking July 7, 2017 at 1:14 pm #

    I sold fuller brush and newpapers as a kid and vacuums after that. Door to door sales is a performance art and good for the soul! It used to be that people welcomed salesman because they brought them good things they could not have had otherwise and they made them feel good. It was an event. Like the circus coming to town or a celebrity.

    Thanks so much for your homage to it.

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