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Getting John Wayned

We’re not sure what guff is, but Larry and John Wayne sure aren’t taking any of it, as Larry talks about the great John Wayne movie McLintock! (The exclamation point is theirs.) Plus, Larry shares some thoughts about the 70th anniversary of World War II. And we also hear about the continuing mayhem of Maggie […]

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Larry’s Doggie Double Down

Say “bye bye Birdie” and “hello doggie on this” week’s episode as Larry welcomes a new dog to the pack on Milleronia and also talks about previously-named 1963 musical. (It’s just an excuse to talk about Ann Margaret some more. Like we need an excuse.) And on Poetry Corner, Larry recites the poem, “As The […]

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The Man Who Would Be Larry

This episode is a little late because Larry had an audition. And he was almost late to that audition because of, how shall we say, biology. And you’ll hear all about it! Plus, we get a report on Larry’s post-audition lunch and the “Biblical hotties” that work there. And Larry talks about the great Sean […]

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