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Everyone Will Know How To Juggle

Larry’s new year’s resolution is to teach you the difference between a tuba and a sousaphone. (Setting achievable goals is a key to a successful life.) Gather up your foul weather gear in your best rucksack. Larry talks about the seemingly endless sheets of rain that are soaking the Southern California area. It’s OK, we […]

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Undressing in Public For Fun and Profit

Larry does not laugh at the theme song for the first time! Is the love affair over? Is the thrill gone? Or is the real reason something stupid? Larry once again analyzes the phenomenon of traffic for no reason. He then makes a rhyme, just to pass the time. He gives an in depth description […]

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Larry's First Joke

Larry’s First Joke

Larry’s first joke bombs in a way that defies the very laws of math, physics, space and time. Hear about Larry using the LMDS motto for the first time. He also takes a bold stance AGAINST flying planes by committee. And learn what a “dental chart club” is. How much can you pay for a […]

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Does He Drink Coffee?

An update on the five soap bar parlay, AKA the fivefecta — the feat that has everyone from international diplomats to toothbrush re-bristlers on pins and needles awaiting news. The bold stroke of derring-do that makes Ernest Shackleton look like a wino taking a nap in a hammock. Speaking of Ernest Shackleton, Larry firmly cops […]

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I Love A Buffet And Other Life Lessons

Buffet, as a concept, is the one thing that ties all Americans together, so says Larry. Also hear how Larry taught his son a valuable life lesson with his favorite instructional tool — a pie. (Who are we kidding? Larry’s favorite everything is a pie.) Larry talks about the lengths he’d go to in order […]

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Larry's Five Soap Bar Parlay!

Larry’s Five Soap Bar Parlay!

Hear the most erudite vomiting analogy ever. And learn the tale behind the enigmatic expression “Chicken Larry.” On this week’s show, Larry unabashedly professes his love for being in a marching band. He also discusses more about being “Dad cheap.” Find out what personal hygiene item in Larry’s home most resembles an Aztec pyramid. Fortune […]

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The Greatest Story Larry’s Ever Heard

Hear Larry’s Uncle Harry’s bizarre, face to face confrontation with a Japanese soldier at the close of World War II. Larry opens the show by admitting he doesn’t know how to dress properly for weather and is at fault for his own sleepiness. Hear about Larry’s “office on Venus” and how it made him sleepy […]

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The Five Levels of Drinking Redux

Larry performs one of his signature comedy routines, “The Five Levels of Drinking.” This is the first time Larry has ever done this bit NOT in front of a live audience! He then urges caution on the rules for a proposed Larry Miller drinking game. By the way… Later, Larry placates the stateside listeners who […]

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Larry Miller and Other Lunatics of the World

Politicians are the serious maniacs in our society, so says Larry. He then gives advice on how a gillionaire can easily win an election. He also talks about when his parents asked him what he wanted to do with his life. Amazingly, nobody fainted, dropped dead, took a swing at him or did a spit-take […]

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Love Me Like A Viking

Larry admits becoming a starstruck boob in front of Val Kilmer and Dennis Farina. He expresses his love of “phony leather” but wonders if vegetables are people, too. In this episode — learn how the right pen can turn your life around. Hear about how Larry’s kind offer to share a free sandwich was rebuffed. […]

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