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Larry's First Joke

Larry’s First Joke

Larry’s first joke bombs in a way that defies the very laws of math, physics, space and time. Hear about Larry using the LMDS motto for the first time. He also takes a bold stance AGAINST flying planes by committee. And learn what a “dental chart club” is. How much can you pay for a […]

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Does He Drink Coffee?

An update on the five soap bar parlay, AKA the fivefecta — the feat that has everyone from international diplomats to toothbrush re-bristlers on pins and needles awaiting news. The bold stroke of derring-do that makes Ernest Shackleton look like a wino taking a nap in a hammock. Speaking of Ernest Shackleton, Larry firmly cops […]

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I Love A Buffet And Other Life Lessons

Buffet, as a concept, is the one thing that ties all Americans together, so says Larry. Also hear how Larry taught his son a valuable life lesson with his favorite instructional tool — a pie. (Who are we kidding? Larry’s favorite everything is a pie.) Larry talks about the lengths he’d go to in order […]

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