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    Top Of The World!

    Larry tells how his handyman used to charge him on a sliding scale (sliding upward!) based on how many times he had seen Larry on TV recently! We ponder chick ...


Drunken College Days

Tales of beer-fueled shenanigans, mayhem and giving in to the strong arm of gravity from Larry’s college days. Including a story about harassing a snooty foreign exchange student. Ees not funny! On Magic Movie Moment, we appropriately discuss the classic comedy Animal House and on Poetry Corner, Larry recites “I Am The Only Being Whose” […]

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The Milleronia March!

Larry leads the Memorial Day parade on Milleronia. Will the parade end up in volcano #2? Should marching bands play pop songs? On Magic Movie Moment, Larry talks about the great movie “Papillion.” And on Poetry Corner, Larry recites, “I Knew A Woman” by Theodore Roethke. Quote of the week: “He loved to play checkers, […]

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Haiku Contest Winner Announced!

The biggest news since Napoleon ripped his bone apart, we announce the winner of our haiku contest! Then, for Magic Movie Moment, Larry talks about the movie version of Arsenic and Old Lace. Plus, some tales of Larry’s days as a school kid and his failed attempts at cheating in French class. Quote of the […]

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Victory In Europe!

Larry revisits V-E day on its 70th anniversary. And find out why there are three crushed beer cans under the bed! On Poetry Corner, Larry reads “Boy At The Window” by Richard Wilbur and talks about “The Great Escape” on Magic Movie Moment. Quote of the week: “Faster, stupid, he’s going to eat us.” Enjoy […]

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More Doggie Tales

Larry can’t stop feeding his dog. He’s not complaining. He’s just saying. We discuss the evolution of ketchup, but not catsup. And on Poetry Corner, Larry recites Rondel of Merciless Beauty by Geoffrey Chaucer and on Magic Movie Moment, Larry talks about 1952’s Blackbeard The Pirate. Quote of the week: “Cheat! Cheat!” Enjoy the show? […]

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Your Life Is A Little Adventure

Larry talks about how you don’t have to climb Mt. Everest to have an adventure. Then we hear about the new happy hour buffet on Milleronia. And Larry discusses the history of the happy hour, not to be confused with a smoker. On Magic Movie Moment, Larry talks about Ivanhoe and on Poetry Corner, he […]

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The Road To Milleronia

Larry goes on the road to Milleronia with a quick stop in Hong Kong (circa 1962!). We read more listener Haikus and then Larry talks about his fascination with Abe Lincoln. If there’s a bad Lincoln Highway joke, we haven’t heard it! On Poetry Corner, Larry recites “A Life Lesson” by James Whitcomb Riley. Quote […]

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Larry Goes Nuts For Golf

Larry talks about why he passed up a chance to play on the Masters’ golf course. Also, tales of having too much to drink in England. Then we do a tribute to the great comedian Stan Freberg and cancer fighter Lauren Hill. Plus we hear more about Milleronia’s new La-Z-Boy-based transportation system and the missing […]

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Where’s The Easter Parade?

Larry ponders the demise of the Easter Parade and talks about where Easter eggs come from. And find out what a “chicken flicker” is and why you probably don’t want to be one. Plus, Larry talks about The Charge of The Light Brigade on Poetry Corner and on MMM. The Jetsons meets the Flintstones has […]

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Laurel And Hardy And Larry

Larry talks about the classic Laurel and Hardy short “The Movie Box” and tell you where to find the stairs featured in the movie! Plus we hear about Larry’s earliest days as a driver, as well as his recent trip with his son to the DMV. Then Larry recites a powerful poem, “After All” by […]

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