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    The Good, The Bad & The Larry

    Larry tells about Abraham Lincoln distracting a wino in New York City. Then he searches for the planet where all the drinks are free and all the women look like ...


The Napoleon of Milleronia!

Larry celebrates the anniversary of Waterloo with some sweet, sweet Napoleon chat! And it just wouldn’t be a summer solstice without Larry missing the summer solstice. Also hear about dead goldfish from the summer fair and which is worse, the French Disease or the English Disease. Quote of the week: “Congratulations, Dr. IQ, it’s you […]

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School’s Out!

Our most ABSOOORBING episode ever! School’s out on Milleronia and Larry talks about summertime fun, why he inadvertently wore a confederate cap to the Lincoln memorial and which is the better type of cow, a JUHHHHSEY or a GUHHHRNSEY. Plus, the movie “A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum” and a recitation […]

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A Fart Falls In The Forest

If a fart falls in the forest and nobody hears it, is it still funny? What if it happens in a Chinese restaurant and EVERYBODY hears it? Well, Larry asks that question, and not hypothetically, we’re afraid to say. Plus remembrance of D-Day, a look back at “Saving Private Ryan” and Larry once again recites […]

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Larry Across The Mersey

Would God let Larry cheat on his wife with Marilyn Monroe? Why did they never build a bridge across the Mersey? And do some like it hot? Plus tales of walking across the Brooklyn Bridge with his comedian buddies. Quote of the week: “How do you like that, hayseed?” Producer: Colonel Jeff Fox

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Memorial Daze!

This Memorial Day, everyone deserves a promotion. And we mean everybody. In honor of Memorial Day, Larry recites the great war poem, “Aftermath” by Sigfried Sassoon and talks about a magic movie moment from Ed Zwick’s classic civil war drama “Glory.” Quote of the week: “So far as I know, the French invented everything sexual.” […]

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Prom Night on Milleronia!

Here’s a little secret about guys — we don’t know what we’re doing. Yes, Larry recounts his uneventful prom night and uneventful (apparently) romantic encounters during his college years. Then we hear about the great Sam Peckinpah movie “The Wild Bunch.” Plus, Larry recites “Come Walk With Me” by Emily Jane Bronte! Quote of the […]

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Mother’s Day on Milleronia!

What makes a great Mother’s day gift? An ashtray made of matchsticks? Waking your Mom up early so she can witness the destruction of her kitchen? Yes and yes. Plus, Larry talks about the tear-jerker classic movie “I Remember Mama” and then he recites “A Little While” by Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Quote of the week: […]

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Go Nuts For Donuts!

Larry discusses all things donuts after Colonel Jeff’s return from his donut expedition to South Florida. And Larry gives a recipe for Milleronia-styled charred kale salad! Is it good? You figure it out. Quote of the week: “I nearly did a chimp flip in my seat.” Producer: Colonel Jeff Fox

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A Car Full Of Beer Cans!

Larry buys a used car with Jay Leno, then fills it with beer cans, then gets pulled over by a cop. True story! And why are Buicks “Doctor cars?” We hear about the great John Ford movie “Mr. Roberts.” Also, Larry recites “A Love By The Sea” by William Ernest Henley. And find out what […]

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A New Car For Larry!

Larry needs a new car and a ’64 Fury III is not an option. Hear about the jailbird Irwin and the string of dicey used cars he sold Larry’s dad. Then Larry talks about the movie West Side Story and the great poem “The New Colossus” by Emma Lazarus. Plus, tales of a miniature statue […]

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