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    Memorial Daze!

    This Memorial Day, everyone deserves a promotion. And we mean everybody. In honor of Memorial Day, Larry recites the great war poem, “Aftermath” by Sigfried Sassoon and talks about a ...


Mother’s Day on Milleronia!

What makes a great Mother’s day gift? An ashtray made of matchsticks? Waking your Mom up early so she can witness the destruction of her kitchen? Yes and yes. Plus, Larry talks about the tear-jerker classic movie “I Remember Mama” and then he recites “A Little While” by Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Quote of the week: […]

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A New Car For Larry!

Larry needs a new car and a ’64 Fury III is not an option. Hear about the jailbird Irwin and the string of dicey used cars he sold Larry’s dad. Then Larry talks about the movie West Side Story and the great poem “The New Colossus” by Emma Lazarus. Plus, tales of a miniature statue […]

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A Most American Day

Larry’s son is in the flag ceremony at opening day of baseball! A hot dog lady earns a gold star and Larry surrenders to the US Air Force. Plus more tales of a day that couldn’t be more American unless Larry was wearing a suit made of apple pies! (We’re working on that.) The first […]

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Baseball Opening Day!

Find out why opening day is going to be EXTRA EXTRA special for Larry this year. And Larry tells a dumb blonde joke that hits a little too close to home! Plus, a talk about Roger Maris and the great movie “61.” Join the fun with other LMDSers on Facebook and Twitter! Quote of the […]

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Larry Miller Where Are You?

Car 54 Where Are You? was long overdue for a tribute, and our man Larry is just the man to give it to you! In honor of Joe E. Ross’ 102nd birthday, Larry recounts the classic TV sitcom, plus we give a nod to Frank Sinatra, Jr, who recently passed away. On Magic Movie Moment, […]

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The Cardinal Catches A Cold!

Larry powers through a cold to bring you a new episode! Thoughts about time and the savings of daylights, a shout out to Steven Segal on the Magic Movie Moment and how Larry became a “Cardinal!” (Warning — it involves booting.) (Warning — booting means throwing up.) Quote of the week: “I have to be […]

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Girl Scout Kooky!

Girl Scouts give Larry the cold shoulder, but he buys their cookies anyway! Learn to say “Gesundheit” in at least two languages! Tales of Larry’s latest anniversary celebration! Featuring Larry’s take on “Wuthering Heights” on Magic Movie Moment and his recitation of “Barefoot Boy” on Poetry Corner. Quote of the week: “That’s all I’m going […]

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Larry Lobbies for Leap Year!

How come Leap Year isn’t a holiday? Why don’t we celebrate it? Larry ponders this and offers how we can make it into a fun holiday, without going overboard. Then Larry honors the passing of the great actor George Kennedy, as well as the 100th birthday of Jackie Gleason. Put on your best searsucker suit […]

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Accepting Change (Maybe)

Accept change or at least accept that it’s hard to accept change. Or something. So laments Larry. Also, do you know the way to San Jose? Is there baseball in heaven? Do you know how to pronounce Vitai Lampada? These and many other questions will be discussed on this week’s Larry Miller Show! Quote of […]

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The Great Enunciator!

Celebrate your favorite President with Larry! And hear about the lustful pursuits of the sultan of swat! Larry has nothing to say about Valentine’s Day, but he recites “America The Beautiful” (which was originally a poem) and talks about The Farmer’s Daughter — the movie, not the joke. Quote of the week: “Babe, you’re alright.” […]

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