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    Cacti, Wild Pigs & Earthquakes

    Don’t be a boar! Tune in and hear how Larry returns from Tucson with a fear of cacti and wild pigs. That leads to a discussion of Larry’s newest volcano, ...


Key Larr-go (Rebroadcast)

Larry’s morning routine is messed up by mainland politics, which are unlike the easy election machinations on Milleronia! Larry talks about boozy molls, Key Largo, phony phone calls and why you’re not allowed to swear on a walkie talkie. And finally, Larry recites an amazing poem, “The House With Nobody In It” by Joyce Kilmer. […]

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Oh, The Zoomanity! (Rebroadcast)

Larry ponders the magic of dogs. They are sweet and cuddly one minute, then scrapping brawlers the next. Also, the cuteness and lack of durability of dog toys is lost on Larry. Ever wonder what happens when a blonde speeder is pulled over by a blonde cop? And when is it too soon to think […]

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Larry Sasses A State Trooper!

A young Larry is roughed up by some state troopers just for politely asking for one little cigarette. OK, so he didn’t ask politely and it happened while he was under arrest, but still! And Larry talks about an upcoming part in a movie. Then we hear about the movie “Inherit The Wind” and Larry […]

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What Did We Do Before A/C?

The dog days of summer get Larry wondering how we got by before air conditioning. Then Larry recalls an interesting conversation he had with Val Kilmer on the set of “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.” Then he discusses the movie “Tombstone” and recites the poem “On Dreaming” by John Newton. Quote of the week: “This joke […]

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Martin Landau and A Trip To NYC

Larry gives a tip of the hat to Martin Landau and talks about his recent trip to NYC and making sure you give yourself a break and make yourself feel great every not and again. We hear about Martin Landau in “North By Northwest.” Of Poetry Corner, Larry recites “Ultima Thule” by Wordsworth. Quote of […]

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Daniel Boone Sat Here (Rebroadcast)

Larry returns from a road trip to NYC and Kentucky, one of which was Daniel Boone country. Tune in to find out which! And hear the tale of Colonel Jeff’s long, long, long day, which included breaking into a guest’s car after recording with Alison Rosen and a Peter Gunn marathon. Larry talks about the […]

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Toasting The Old Toaster

Larry is pretty excited about his boss new toaster, tells some lesser-known facts about the Fourth of July and explains why he can’t resist writing his name in wet cement. For The Poetry Corner, Larry recites “Dirge For A Soldier,” then talks about the Sam Peckinpah classic western “Ride The High Country.” Quote of the […]

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Fuller Brush Man Calling!

Why hasn’t street sweeping changed in 80 years? And are Fuller Brush men extinct now? On Poetry Corner, Larry recites the great poem “Hard Luck” by Edgar Albert Guest. And we hear about the movie “How The West Was Won.” Quote of the week: “Lots of love and action. Like your house, and mine.”

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Excuse Me, There’s A Marine Here

Larry takes his Marine son to the airport for his latest deployment. And Larry tells stories from the set of The Princess Diaries. For Poetry Corner, Larry recites, “Waltzing Matilda.” For Magic Movie Moment, we hear about the classic movie, “The Best Years Of Our Lives.” Quote of the week: “That may mean something in […]

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