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    How To (Not) Win The Lottery (Rebroadcast)

    Larry’s not a big lottery ticket getter, but he got in on the big Powerball! And we hear a funny story about talking his Dad into buying a ticket. And ...


Binder Clips or Paper Clips?

In a tribute to Gene Wilder, Larry talks about the great movie “The Producers.” Then he discusses perfection of the paper clip, the beauty of the binder clip and the reliable rubber band — and how we can’t throw them out. Then Larry recites the poem “In School Days” by John Greenleaf Whittier.

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Gee Whiz, It’s Show Biz!

Gee whiz becomes ho hum really fast, but not for Larry! He never gets tired of Hollywood. Hear about him horsing around on studio lots and the secret of dressing room mirrors! Plus, whistling through graveyards, Larry recites “The Footsteps of Angels” by Longfellow and talks about the movie “The Americanization of Emily.” Quote of […]

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Key Larr-go

Larry’s morning routine is messed up by mainland politics, which are unlike the easy election machinations on Milleronia! Larry talks about boozy molls, Key Largo, phony phone calls and why you’re not allowed to swear on a walkie talkie. And finally, Larry recites an amazing poem, “The House With Nobody In It” by Joyce Kilmer. […]

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The Duke & Other Drinkers (Rebroadcast)

Larry recites “Ace Of Spades” by Motorhead in honor of the passing of Lemmy Kilmister! Then he talks about the new Duke Spirits brand of bourbon, inspired by John Wayne, which leads into stories about hard drinkers like Jackie Gleason! With a big wink and hot cha cha! Quote of the week: “She’s very nicely […]

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Oh, The Zoomanity!

Larry ponders the magic of dogs. They are sweet and cuddly one minute, then scrapping brawlers the next. Also, the cuteness and lack of durability of dog toys is lost on Larry. Ever wonder what happens when a blonde speeder is pulled over by a blonde cop? And when is it too soon to think […]

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Remembering Garry Marshall

Larry shares memories of the late Garry Marshall and their time on his “happy sets.” Then Larry fights a losing battle with a bloomin’ onion but has an otherwise lovely time at Outback Steak House. And Larry recites “Sonnet VII” by John Milton and talks about the Bing Crosby movie “Going My Way.” Quote of […]

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The Good, The Bad & The Larry

Larry tells about Abraham Lincoln distracting a wino in New York City. Then he searches for the planet where all the drinks are free and all the women look like Julie Newmar! Hear about the political conventions on Milleronia (or lack thereof), The Good, The Bad and The Ugly and the poem “Summer” by Alexander […]

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Daniel Boone Sat Here

Larry returns from a road trip to NYC and Kentucky, one of which was Daniel Boone country. Tune in to find out which! And hear the tale of Colonel Jeff’s long, long, long day, which included breaking into a guest’s car after recording with Alison Rosen and a Peter Gunn marathon. Larry talks about the […]

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Doing More With Less

We have our first guest ever — Larry’s son who is about to be deployed overseas! But before that, hear about if Mr. Doorman stole the couch, the movie “Jaws,” Larry’s extremely broken toilet seat and what “Marine tough” is. (Hint: It has something to do with the broken toilet seat and hot sauce.) Quote […]

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Born On The 4th of Ju-Larry

Why shooting bottle rockets doesn’t count as college credit, Larry’s dog goes to the dentist and why you should never work with dogs, babies or W.C. Fields. And Larry recites the full poem “The Defence of Fort McHenry,” which is the source of the lyrics for “The Star Spangled Banner.” And on Magic Movie Moment, […]

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