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    Laurel And Hardy And Larry

    Larry talks about the classic Laurel and Hardy short “The Movie Box” and tell you where to find the stairs featured in the movie! Plus we hear about Larry’s earliest ...


Daylight Raving Time!

Larry expresses his love of daylight saving time. Then we hear why Larry stopped talking malaria medicine in India, Larry recites “Ode on Solitude” by Alexander Pope for Poetry Corner and finally, he talks about the classic movie “The Hustler.” Quote Of The Week: “I don’t think it’s the famous that need help. It’s the […]

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Mr. Spock’s Uncle Lou

We say goodbye to Leonard Nimoy and give a little tour inside the burger joint on Milleronia. We try to figure out if some like it hot, then Larry recites “An Hymn To The Morning” by Phillis Wheatley and we hear about the movie “The Music Man.” Leg lamp and prosper! Quote Of The Week: […]

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You’re A Star, Stupid!

Larry reviews the Oscars and encourages actors to get in touch with their inner Connery! We once again commiserate with our winter-weary friends back east with a snow joke plus “Ice and Fire” by the poet Edmund Spenser. Then Larry talks about the great Paul Newman movie “Absence Of Malice” on Magic Movie Moment. Quote […]

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St. Valentine Is A Chump & A Plan To Save Boston

Larry airs his beefs with St. Valentine and reveals a fiendishly clever plan to save Boston from its deluge of snow. And we get a musical question from boy tenor Larry J. Miller? And to help warm the hearts of snowed in Bostonianites, Larry recites the poem, “Summer” by Alexander Pope. Then we hear about […]

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Top Secret Episode!

We smuggle another episode out of Larry’s secret evil guy lair! Larry talks about how writing is the hardest thing ever and we try to come up with a “break a leg” expression for writers. We are unsuccessful because that is writing, which is the hardest thing ever. In honor of Valentine’s Day, Larry recites […]

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Larry Miller Goes Indie!

Have the hipsters gotten to Larry? No! He’s just taken his podcast independent! This is the first episode recorded at his secret lair inside an extinct volcano on The Island of Milleronia. And then he explains his week and half absence. Was it mischief? Machinations? Malarkey? Or none of the above? Tune in to find […]

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Ursula Andress vs. Jimmy Crack Corn

Larry mourns the loss of the beautiful Ursula Andress and discusses exactly why it is that Jimmy cracks corn. Then Larry recites “Good By” by Emerson and talks about Andress’ famous bikini scene from the James Bond movie Dr. No. And Larry once again lobbies for a marching band-only Super Bowl halftime show. Will the […]

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Larry’s Sexy Short-Sleeved Special!

Won’t someone stand up for the short-sleeved shirt? Yes, Larry will! Then Larry talks about finally paying off the mortgage on his house and how it gave him just a smidgen of pride. We hear a great recitation of “Her Voice” on Poetry Corner and hear about the underrated movie “Cat Ballou.” Quote Of The […]

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