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    From Here To Larry-ternity

    In honor of Pearl Harbor Day, Larry talks about the movie “From Here To Eternity” and Pearl Harbor vets. On Poetry Corner, Larry recites “The Glory Of Age” by Edgar ...


Your Post-Election Antidote

The dulcet tones of Larry Miller are the perfect antidote to soothe the nation’s jangled nerves. Take a listen, if you’re patriotic enough, bub! Will Larry’s big election prediction be correct? Tune in and find out! Plus, more Millard Fillmore facts than you can shake a stick at. And Larry continues his unpopular defense of […]

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Anchovy Martinis?

In defense of the maligned anchovy, Larry brainstorms the possibility of an anchovy martini! Then hear about Uncle Zio’s giant, grubby hands and how they made the most delicious sandwich Larry ever had. And which is worse, volcano #2 or the DMV? Then Larry talks about the great Kubrick film, Dr. Strangelove. Quote of the […]

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Baseball vs. Politics

We talk about not talking about politics. And then something a lot less heated, the World Series. Chicago and Cleveland — two cities you’ll never have to say “Nominum Quid Geminus?” in. Quote of the week: “Even they don’t want your vote. You’re too empty and boring to listen to.” Producer: Colonel Jeff Fox

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Dining In Old Hollywood

Larry celebrates a great audition by stopping for a bite at an old Hollywood eatery! Then hear what the blonde did with the chainsaw, the poem “Revenge” by Revenge by Letitia Elizabeth Landon and Larry talks about the classic movie “The Bishop’s Wife.” Quote of the week: “This is a show so good, I want […]

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Long Lost Coffee Commercials

Have coffee TV commercials gone extinct? Shocking! Positively shocking. And what ever happened to the percolator? Larry ruminates about this and also why Oddjob had to schlep Goldfinger’s golf clubs around in the hot southern sun, in a tuxedo, no less! It was an odd job for Oddjob.

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Mother’s Day on Milleronia! (Rebroadcast)

What makes a great Mother’s day gift? An ashtray made of matchsticks? Waking your Mom up early so she can witness the destruction of her kitchen? Yes and yes. Plus, Larry talks about the tear-jerker classic movie “I Remember Mama” and then he recites “A Little While” by Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Quote of the week: […]

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How To (Not) Win The Lottery (Rebroadcast)

Larry’s not a big lottery ticket getter, but he got in on the big Powerball! And we hear a funny story about talking his Dad into buying a ticket. And Larry’s wife’s plans for a relaxing weekend at the beach come slightly unhinged and not even Larry’s fancy Hugh Hefner pajamas can fix it. Quote […]

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Girl Scout Kooky! (Rebroadcast)

Girl Scouts give Larry the cold shoulder, but he buys their cookies anyway! Learn to say “Gesundheit” in at least two languages! Tales of Larry’s latest anniversary celebration! Featuring Larry’s take on “Wuthering Heights” on Magic Movie Moment and his recitation of “Barefoot Boy” on Poetry Corner. Quote of the week: “That’s all I’m going […]

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Larry Meets The Bank Dick

Larry revisits The War of 1812 and wonders how much work it was for the British to do so much darn colonizing. And Larry talks about the classic WC Fields movie “The Bank Dick.” Quote of the week: “It sets your teeth just right.” Producer: Colonel Jeff Fox

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Larry Loves Labor (Day)

Larry gives a brief history of Labor Day and its relation to the less popular billy club. And Larry re-recounts two of his brief encounters with celebrities. Then he recites “Fruit of the Flower” by Countee Cullen and talks about the classic movie “Mr. Lucky.” Quote of the week: “it’s like being a prisoner of […]

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