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  • Larry_Thanksgiving

    A Shouting Family Thanksgiving

    Larry tells hilarious stories about his “shouting family” Thanksgivings from his childhood. Larry eats a whole tray full of pickles, wrestles with cousin Craig and lives to tell about it. ...


Marines With Light Sabers!

Larry honors the passing of screen legend Maureen O’Hara by revisiting one of his favorite Magic Movie Moments. And we hear about the light saber-wielding Marines that stormed Larry’s house. Will they care that the toilet seat was broken? It’s doubtful! Quote Of The Week: “What are you bothering me for? Can’t you see this […]

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The Boys of Winter (Formerly Summer)

Larry begrudgingly bemoans bearded baseballers. Plus, shaggies and sandal-wearers are slightly slandered. And Larry wonders how baseball has become a winter sport. On Poetry Corner, Larry recites, “Because I Could Not Stop For Death,” by Emily Dickinson. The Magic Movie Moment is from “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.” And, no I won’t give you a […]

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Milleronia Trunk

More baseball playoff talk as Larry weighs in on the Chase Utley slide! Doggie mayhem in the recording studio almost gets two dogs a long trip up the short side of a volcano. And what’s the difference between a set and a bit? And how many kinds of rim shots are there? Tune in to […]

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BBQ, Baseball & BBQ!

Larry sings the worthy praises of BBQ, BBQ, BBQ and playoff baseball. And Larry recites an eerie rhyme from Shakespeare, even though he doesn’t like Halloween. On Magic Movie Moment, Larry talks about the surprisingly non-BBQ related Adam’s Rib. Quote of the week: “Pick it up with your hands, like a caveman.” Producer: Colonel Jeff […]

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Nick Nolte Beats Larry With Book

Larry recounts his first movie role, where he got beaten to a pulp by Nick Nolte — and loved it. He also discusses who was a cooler, Frank Bullitt or Harry Callahan! Then Larry confesses his love of camera girls on the set of movies. For the first day of October, Larry recites “When The […]

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Larry Miller Goes Indie! (Rebroadcast)

Oops! Larry got hired to act in the new Garry Marshall movie and had to amscray off of Milleronia! So, we’re bringing you a rebroadcast of our first indie episode! Larry has taken his podcast independent! This is the first episode recorded at his secret lair inside an extinct volcano on The Island of Milleronia. […]

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The Man NOT From UNCLE

When is The Man From UNCLE not The Man From UNCLE? This and other zen riddles will be pondered on this week’s show as Larry talks about seeing the TV show reboot this weekend while on the road. And Larry gives just the facts, ma’am, as he discusses the 1987 version of Dragnet. On Poetry […]

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Top Secret Episode! (Rebroadcast)

Larry goes on vacation this week, so we have a rebroadcast of a classic. We smuggle another episode out of Larry’s secret evil guy lair! Larry talks about how writing is the hardest thing ever and we try to come up with a “break a leg” expression for writers. We are unsuccessful because that is […]

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NY Pizza Vs. Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

On this food-oriented episode, Larry he weighs in on the NY thin slice vs. Chicago deep dish debate! Plus, he discusses if he wants the whole enchilada, or maybe a cheese brumfada on the side. And we ponder salisbury steaks and TV dinner. On Magic Movie Moment, Larry covers the great “Cincinnati Kid” with Steve […]

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Farewell To Yvonne Craig!

Larry bids a fond farewell to Yvonne Craig, the lovely and talented actress best-known as Batgirl and Marta the green alien on Star Trek. Plus, we bid you a happy Waffle Day and also hear some touching stories about Larry’s mother. Jumping Jehosephat! Listen to this episode already? Quote of the week: “The big King […]

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