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    Farewell To Yvonne Craig!

    Larry bids a fond farewell to Yvonne Craig, the lovely and talented actress best-known as Batgirl and Marta the green alien on Star Trek. Plus, we bid you a happy ...


The Outlaw Larry Miller

Larry plays pantomime with two incomprehensible restaurant employees. Or someone was playing an elaborate practical joke on him. He winds up paying $13.82 for a Coke, but gets an “instant classic” story for the show out of it. And to heck with his diet. And we learn what the name “Third Base Bar” means. Plus, […]

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Limbo With Lampshade Larry!

The Queen of Milleronia is off in Vegas, so Viva Las Larry! Larry tells stories about beautiful Vegas weddings and the time Larry mistakenly thought his friend was trying to turn him into a coke fiend. We hear about the great Ann Margaret movie Viva Las Vegas (some rock singer guy was in it, too) […]

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Dial “P” For Pluto!

Larry is excited about the recent contact with Pluto (which you’ll say is a real planet if you know what’s good for ya). Then you’ll learn about Milleronian sharks and why you don’t want to ride in a town car in Milleronia. Plus, the beautful poem The Palanquin Bearers and another John Wayne classic, Cahill […]

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One Rule: No Death

Our barefoot comic with cheek of tan spends the 4th of July watching a bunch of Marines punch, eat and move furniture. He gives them one rule: no death! Then he talks about how all car companies should just produce ’57 Chevys. On Poetry Corner, Larry recites “Barefoot Boy” by James Whitcomb Riley. And on […]

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Top Of The World!

Larry tells how his handyman used to charge him on a sliding scale (sliding upward!) based on how many times he had seen Larry on TV recently! We ponder chick peas vs. garbanzo beans, then Larry wonders if he’s more an E-Z boy or a lazy boy. And Larry recites the great poem “See It […]

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Tuna and Old Spice For Father’s Day

Larry talks about the wonder of enjoying the small moments of this past Father’s Day. Then Larry shares memories of his father, like the time he won the lottery (don’t get excited) and the time Larry found his Dad’s secret stash of tuna and Old Spice aftershave. Also, Larry recites the classic poem “My Dad’s […]

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Should Baby Showers Be Co-ed?

Larry takes a long walk up a short volcano and ponders the state of the modern baby shower. Should they be co-ed or would everyone be happier if they were separate? Then, in this baseball-heavy episode, Larry re-recites the classic poem “Casey At The Bat” and talks about the movie “Major League” on Magic Movie […]

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In Good Humor With Larry Miller

Larry waxes nostalgic for the days when he was on a first name basis with his neighborhood ice cream man. Then Larry orders some egg foo young that tastes egg foo old! And we hear about Larry becoming smitten with a cashier at a Lithuanian market in LA. In a tribute to the 70th anniversary […]

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Drunken College Days

Tales of beer-fueled shenanigans, mayhem and giving in to the strong arm of gravity from Larry’s college days. Including a story about harassing a snooty foreign exchange student. Ees not funny! On Magic Movie Moment, we appropriately discuss the classic comedy Animal House and on Poetry Corner, Larry recites “I Am The Only Being Whose” […]

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The Milleronia March!

Larry leads the Memorial Day parade on Milleronia. Will the parade end up in volcano #2? Should marching bands play pop songs? On Magic Movie Moment, Larry talks about the great movie “Papillion.” And on Poetry Corner, Larry recites, “I Knew A Woman” by Theodore Roethke. Quote of the week: “He loved to play checkers, […]

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