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    And Zero Mostel As Santa (Rebroadcast)

    Is there such a thing as sending Christmas cards too early? Find out what makes Putin smile and hear about Larry working on a special Christmas episode of a TV ...


Give ‘Em The Cheeseburger

Larry dances with Treat Williams in NYC and lobbies for free cheeseburgers for veterans. And are J-Lo and A-Rod the most NYC couple ever? Plus Larry talks about the Hitchcock classic movie “Dial M For Murder” and recites “A Poem About Myself” by John Keats. Quote of the week: “Yes, I know I have no […]

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Mr. Miller Goes To Washington

Larry goes to New York and sings the praises of reflexology, and less surprisingly, Katz’s deli. Then he takes umbrage on baseball beards and Halloween. And Larry recites “El Dorado” by Edgar Allan Poe and talks about the movie Mr. Smith Goes To Washington.” Quote of the week: “These beards are from tobacco road.”

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